Today, /e/ OS is not yet stable (still beta version)

I was about to wipe out the stock operating system from my FP3 to install /e/ OS.

But I’ve checked in their website and it says:

  • is /e/ stable?
  • No – we’re in beta stage at the moment. The system is usable but proceed cautiously.

What a surprise!

Many people on this forum is trying /e/, and the e Foundation is even selling smartphones with /e/ pre-installed. Are all buyers aware that they are purchasing a phone that could have some glitches?

After the experience with FPOOS with my FP2, I am not taking any risks. I will wait for the stable version before playing with my FP3. Do you know how long it will take? Or how long it normally takes for an OS to go from beta version to stable version? It’s not specified in their website.

Because Fairphone have an official partnership with /e/ …

And Fairphone consider /e/ for advanced users and a developer version

If I’m purchasing any computer-like device I’m aware it could have some glitches regardless of the vendor or the OS, but that’s just me having long given up on software quality and integrity overall.

Can the non-beta Fairphone OS not have some glitches for anyone? This forum makes me believe otherwise.
(Worked fine for me though. As does /e/ now.)

Nobody can specify something like this with a clear conscience. If you get a fixed date, you’ll mostly get it from the marketing department, and they just made it up :wink: .


I am using /e/ now for around two years as a daily driver on my FP2. And I can attest that it is a really stable system. So I encourage you to try it.


I agree with @BrFabian , I also use /e/ on my FP2 for the last year and it works great. The phone does not restart anymore - something that was unimaginable with FPOS or Open FPOS. I can also only recommend /e/, eventhough it is beta. Much more stable than others. At least for me.


I’ve been using /e/ (Android 9 now) on my FP3 for almost a year now. As far as I’m concerned it is definitely stable.


/e/ on my FP3 has several annoying glitches and regressions but it works stable.

no mms without data for months …
i will go back to android 10 !

@bege could you elaborate on what these glitches are? The only ‘problems’ that I think I have are apps that don’t function without google play services - Strava and ebaykleinanzeigen for example. Otherwise microg does a great job of getting away from google.

Here Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab you find all issues regarding FP3
here those open issues I have posted Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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@bege, thanks! I guess I’m luckier than some, or maybe better to say that sometimes ignorance is bliss :slight_smile: The inability to choose what syncs with ecloud was definitely an issue for me right at the beginning though. As a result of that I logged out of /e/ and don’t use the ecloud at all - syncthing serves me very well.

Check your APN settings…

Between me and my wife:
same mobile provider: syma
same APN: ok
my wife: A40 android 9 = OK
me FP3 +: android 10 = OK
me PF3 +: / e / = no mms without and with data.

I changed the orange APNs (15 times)
I changed from sosh network to syma, so new APNs
it still does not work with or without mobile data.
My wife and I have the same supplier, symamobile.
So the same APNs and it doesn’t work on my Fairphone 3+
/ e / OS 0.15-20210317106351 and it works on her laptop + Android 9.0

i wait …

Some hosts of a mobile data provider are not available in the common Internet, and I guess that refers to MMS servers used to send/receive MMS directly. (There are other servers providing a web interface to read MMS, to which I am not referring.)

To sum things up: Neither Fairphone nor /e/ OS are to blame. Mobile data must be enabled before enabling MMS in order to use it, otherwise you cannot reach the servers. (My conclusion could be wrong of course, but it is the best to my current knowledge…)

Yes I am sincerely sorry your conclusion is wrong
1 say why I’m not the only one in this case?
2 say why on FP3 + + Android 10 without data I am receiving and sending mms?
Did you read the end of my answer?
the problem is known to / e / and I even provided you with the ticket number.
4 the problem seems to be the same on lineage.
5 with Android 9 the data is not useful for sending and receiving mms.
It’s up to me to sum up: your answer is useless!

Then good-bye. You may be fed up because you are living with this issue for so long, and it is perfectly fine, but please do not offend people who were trying to help. I do not even know which APN settings you already checked out.

I will ignore you from now on…


OT: I use syncthing also :smiley:
Additionally I use DAVx5 to sync contacts and events with my computer and nextcloud and nextcloud notes to sync my notes with /e/cloud. When I started with /e/ I thought that the advantage of /e/cloud would be not to need so many tools. Unfortunately the /e/ team did not give back control over synced data to the user for quite a while now. :frowning_face:

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