To those in the UK with the FP2, what fees can I expect once my FP2 arrives?

Like the title says!

I’ve ordered an FP2, though I’m curious if anyone else in the UK had to pay any fees to receive theirs? Taxes and the like.

I’m mainly asking so I know how much I need to set aside, if anything at all.

Thank you~

You are still part of the EU, so no import duties apply (unlike with US shipments). The appropriate national VAT will already be applied in the Fairphone shop.


In fact you will actually get a slightly lower price than in the Netherlands (21% VAT there).


Great! I had it in my mind that products from within the EU had a higher limit, rather than the £15 limit before getting taxed from outside the EU.

Thanks for the super quick replies!

Most of the responsibility for paying the right amount tax/duties/etc lies with the retailer if they ship abroad (see here). What you might have in mind is the limits on alcohol and tobacco when you take it with you through customs. This is limited to personal use (there’s a list of what customs considers acceptable as personal use), as for trade duties should be paid at the rate for the destination country (and when you buy it personally abroad, you’ll potentially buy at the (lower) rate of the country that you visited).

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I got my refurbished Fairphone from here: – I’ve been with The Phone Coop for many years, both for broadband and mobile. When something goes wrong, the Phone Coop technical team is easy to contact, and they readily replaced my case for me when the original case fell apart due to the rubber seal stretching. The refurbished Fairphone comes with a 24-month guarantee.


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