To FP HQ >> Refund please!

After trying to reach customer support countless times and not receiving any customer support at all
Not by phone nor by mail I try to reach FP HQ via the forum

I am very dissatisfied with your phone, your support and your customer service! Because you delivered a faulty phone and you didn’t do your best to help me to get a working phone I want my money back!

The phone was faulty from the get go

It shuts off for no reason during a call or when charging…

So, I tried make screenshots like you asked me to… But the FP3 keeps on rebooting and so I am not able to make pics of the problem

For the rest I have done what you standard are telling people to do when running into troubles with the FP

Again like a have shared via email numerous times before… After having bought the FP 1, 2 and 3 my patience is gone and I really want a refund

The FP3 is too unreliable for me being the default smartphone

Hope to hear from you soon!



Hello Neo, this is a community forum. Fairphone usually does not respond here.


Maybe you can assist in this case.

Right now, there might be troubles, i.e. lack of response, due to the Corona crisis, even though they say,that the support center is fully operational:


Hello @Neo_de_Bono, heartfelt apologies for the experience you’ve had. Could you please pop me a private message with your full name and your latest support ticket number (if you have one), so that I could follow up on this with my colleagues in Customer Support first thing on Monday morning?

Thanks also to @BertG for tagging me in this post.


Hi there Rae,

Thanks for the quick response!

My full name is Neo de Bono and my #345569

Lora followed up before but all it have brought me was another support cicle ‘do this and do that’ without offering me a real solution

Hope to hear from you soon!



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