Tips for DIY or local repair Munich area: changing the USB port on FP2 bottom module

Maybe I am not clever enough to figure out the forums, but I am somehow lost in here.

The USB port on my FP2 bottom module is broken, phone does not charge anymore. Maybe the microphone has a glitch too, but for my usecase that’s fine. I contacted fairphone, they offer a repair ( I might say at a rather steep price but that’s not so much the issue here), however they necessarily want me to send in the entire phone, just the bottom module won’t do, for whatever reason. So I am about to give it a try to search for a local repair shop or rather do it myself. I do have some soldering experience, though not too much with SMD. Any advice considering local (Munich) repair options or DIY, i.e. which USB connector to buy, soldering tips (FP2 specific)?


Maybe this helps:

@ElKrasso any advice here?


I did showed in a thread how to do it yourself. But ther are some soldering skills needed. So the idea of searching for a repair shop is in my eyes the best way to do it.


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