Time for return procedure

anyone knows how much time it takes to get a reply from the Fairphone staff? Unfortunately, my phone presents serious troubleshootings: frequently I cannot turn on the phone for all the day; when I can turn it on, it begins to reboot repeatedly.
At a first time, I asked to the Fairphone Support, but since I didn’t get any reply in a few days, I asked for a return for DOA (the fairphone was shipped to me less than 14 days).
Anyway I still didn’t get any answer, after one week…
Thank you

Current average time to first response appears to be ~11 days, unfortunately (see below). As long as you’ve notified them within 14 days of receiving the device (which you did), they should honour the DOA procedure, even if they get back to you later. The same goes for letting them know that you intend to return the device for a refund within 14 days of receiving the device.

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Give them a call. That works faster, as e-mail has to be sorted first.

This exactly. I have called them a few times so far, always had a nice and helpful support person to speak to. After the call it usually didn’t take long for an update on the support ticket.
I spoke English to them, but I think they should be able to converse with you in a few different languages, if needed. (At least English, Dutch and German. I’d assume French, Spanish and probably Chinese too.)


Thank you all!
At the end, I will wait for a reply (I’m not so sure that I can speak a language different than Italian by phone :laughing:)

Also, I would like to add not to send an email but to use the help form on the website: https://frphn.co/gethelp

This will ‘force’ you to fill in a few details about your issue and help the support team to assign your ticket faster to a knowledgeable agent

That I did. Didn’t make the support to speed up.

Just to inform you about the online support situation: I had to wait 10 days for the first answer that was something like: “are you sure that you want the return?”. I replied “yes, I’m sure” on October 10th and I am still waiting for a reply.
I hope I do not have to wait too long.


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