Tim italy support and volte

Dear all,

I would like to collect info on whether users using the tim Italy provider have VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling working.

Thank you in advance

I recently got my hands on a FP4. I am currently abroad but I’ll be in Italy by the beginning of September. I own a CoopVoce sim (which is roaming on Tim) and a couple other sims from foreign providers. Feel free to ping me here around September 1st

Sept 2023 update:

VoLTE is not available using mvno CoopVoce, which roams on the Tim network.

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I had the chance to test both a foreign operator roaming on WindTre and Iliad: neither had VoLTE available.

Oh, that’s very useful to know! Thank you!

Same problem on FP5.

I opened a ticket weeks ago about poor call quality and not being able to keep network connection while being on a call before getting to know this was a problem related to COOPVoce VoLTE not supported by Fairphone.

The ticket is still open and I’ll keep asking for this issue to be addressed as, according to COOPVoce support, it shouldn’t be so difficult for FP to make the required update to the phone software.

Moreover, COOPVoce is owned by COOP which is involved both in human rights and sustainability and I think it’s the perfect companion for my FP5. I wouldn’t like moving to another operator.


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I also have CoopVoce with FP4 and under network and internet/SIM CoopVoce I only have the WiFi calls option but I have never tried it.
No good news also from support of CoopVoce, they said keep in touch with the website…

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