Ticket anniversary coming up: 3 months

Dear Fairphone team,

I am not looking for publicity but since you seem to be unable to communicate via your own ticket system or rather ensuing e-mails and since not even calling your support hotline (twice) seems to do the trick, I will reluctantly try this channel.

This is a friendly reminder: My initial ticket (#223587) with your customer support was filed on January, the 10th, 2018. That was nearly three months ago. Until now, you have not fixed one single issue my device is experiencing:

  • Random reboots; even after continuous software updates; you got a video

  • Broken touch functionality; I cannot activate any icons along the long edges of the screen; you got a screenshot

  • Inoperative proximity sensor; screen is unusable during calls; the power button had to be remapped to end calls

  • A broken backcover; apparently, carrying the device in your trouser pockets is too much strain for the plastic; the component was swapped once on my own account

The device was about 18 months old when I filed the initial ticket and all these issues are cases to be covered by your warranty, would you decide to care. So far, I have been in contact with people by the names of Marco, Randy and Malena and their approaches to customer support all have been rather erratic, in positive terms. In more realistic wording: You guys have the extremely unpleasant tendency to just abandon dialogue without reason.

Please do your job. Three months are way too long and having to deal with you people as well as having to use a mobile phone that is 50% junk and 50% brick (roughly estimated) is extremely frustrating.


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