Thunderbird - unable to get for FP2?

Hello there,

Just received my new F2 and excited. However, I’m new to this way of doing things and trying to put thunderbird onto it but the message says, ‘Your system doesn’t meet the requirements to tun Thunderbird’. Does this sound right? I would also like to install pgp at some point. Any thoughts?



As far as I know, there is no Thunderbird for Android. I use MailDroid, that supports PGP. Right now I’m with the free version that uses ads, but I’m actually thinking that I will buy it.

I use K-9 Mail, it’s also available by F-Droid.


As far as i know there is no Thunderbird app available. On an Android device you cannot simply install software that has been compiled for a PC.
If you want to install apps, an easy way to do so is using Google Play store, or if you prefer open source, then would be a good alternative app store.
An open source app for emails I would recommend is K-9. It works well together with APG, so you can also use pgp-encrypted mails (just copy your keys safely! from your computer to your smartphone, and you can use the same keys).
Both apps would also be available in google play store, btw.


Food for thought - thank you all.