🇳🇱 Thuisarts.nl App crashes

The Thuisarts app is a highly reliable Dutch online medical information initiative, published by the Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap (NHG org), the official Dutch College of General Practitioners.

While attempting to search for certain First Aid, medical or illness information, while using the Thuisarts app at FF2 hardware, the app crashes repeatedly. The following re-occuring Android error message probably will be depicted:

“Thuisarts is gestopt” [melden] [OK]

When using the push button [melden], the re-occurring error can be notified by the user to the Google Android maintainers, including the option to send the system logs information along. Google had been notified a couple of times over a period of several months by now. The Thuisarts app keeps crashing, however.

Technical details: up-to-date

FF2 using Android 6.0.1 for Fairphone OS 18.03.1
Thuisarts App (nl.nhg.android.thuisarts) version 1.2.2

The cause of the problem:

It seemed at first sight that the Thuisarts app had a problem to function properly while using brand new FF2 hardware using Android. However, as was found, the publisher NHG.org has noted the problem as of January 29, 2018 , and is figuring out how to resolve it. The FF2 hardware or system is not to be blamed.

The Thuisarts app is currently not available at the Google Play store. Meanwhile, users of Thuisarts can still use the website instead. The Android app is expected to be released soon again. De iOs-versie van de app werkt zonder problemen.

Thuisarts News Release [Dutch-only]

“Momenteel is de Thuisarts app voor Android-toestellen helaas niet meer te downloaden. We onderzoeken wat de mogelijkheden en de wensen zijn voor een mobiele versie van Thuisarts, zodat u zo snel mogelijk ook op die manier Thuisarts.nl weer kunt bekijken. Tot die tijd kunt u uiteraard wel altijd de (mobiele versie van de) website Thuisarts gebruiken. De iOs-versie van de app werkt zonder problemen.”

Thuisarts-app (tijdelijk) niet meer beschikbaar voor Android

Thanks for reading and taking notice!

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