This one is for @chrmhoffmann: Thank you!

Android 4.4 for the Fairphone 1 is on its way and currently being tested in alpha.
We’re very happy with this and want to use the moment to thank someone who has been a tremendous help for us.

Dear @chrmhoffmann,

We would like to send a big thank you your way:

You’ve not only given alternatives to other Fairphone users while we were still busy struggling with legal and licensing issues, for instance by creating a CyanogenMod build for FP1. You’ve also enabled other community members to customize their phone by laying a foundation for other work, e.g. by providing ClockworkMod recovery, publishing source on GitHub, and discussed issues here in this forum and over at XDA.

Last but not least you have helped our community keep up the good spirit and hold up hopes by showing that an update to KitKat is indeed feasible. This has been a great motivation for both users and Fairphone staff. A bunch of us also flashed your build and used it as inspiration.

From everyone at Fairphone: thank you for being part of this community and contributing so much!


I couldn’t agree more, he kept my phone going while I couldn’t fix it myself without using code from strange sources from China. Maybe now would be a good time to think hard about the license for the non-Google OS. It still criminalizes the work @chrmhoffmann was doing.

Currently you cannot build the ROM and copy the bin blobs “in” later.


Also thanks from my side, even as a not yet FP user :). I hope something similar is able to happen to FP2 in terms of CyanogenMod support.


Thank you very much also from me to @chrmhoffmann for your precious work and effort in order to let the FP1 be updated. :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest Fairphone might actually send Chris a little Thank You package, but well, I don’t even know if he’d want that.

Anyway, I definitely do want to bump this thread once more and last but not least join in the chorus:

THANK YOU very much, @chrmhoffmann! :smile:


Also here kudos and a warm thank you from a non-techie who has been lurking on the unofficial kitkat update thread for the last few months… Mr. Hoffmann’s effort are a very real contribution to prolonging the FP1’s service life :gift:. Congratulations also to Fairphone for staying on track with their purpose. All this is a lot of work, and will mean more work to iron out the kinks, and provide performance and usability.


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