This is weird... Swarm checkins not publishing on FP2

Hey Fairphoners,

Did anyone encounter this before? What happens is:

  • When I finish my check-in by selecting ‘Check In’, the screen returns to the overview of friend’s checkins, without displaying mine. So basically, the ‘Check In’ button now has the same function as ‘Cancel’.
  • Also, I can’t select a picture. When I choose one, it also returns to the previous page, without adding it. Doing the same thing that ‘cancel’ would do here too.

It does give me location suggestions, so ‘location access’ appears to be fine.

Does anyone have an idea? I’m running:

  • Swarm v2016042719 (most recent)
  • Fairphone 2, OS 1.2.8. (most recent)

Thanks a lot for helping me out!



This is probably the #privacyimpact bug. You need to reenable Privacy Impact in Settings > Notifications.


Lidwien, you’re my heroin! I just did as you said and it worked instantly. I’ve dedicatedmy checkin to you, ofcourse:

I just arrived in Tokyo and was quite frustrated that it didn’t work, to be honest. Note to self: never switch phones on the day of departure, haha.

And, a good lesson to start reading up on known bugs. Thanks a milli Lidwien, I owe this community!!

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