This is all I'm going to do when I receive my FP2 (many systems)

  1. Install and use Firefox OS.
  2. Install and use Ubuntu Touch.
  3. Install and use Sailfish.
  4. Install and use Lineage with microG.
  5. Install and use Fairphone Open OS or Fairphone OS.

Point 1 and 2 will surely do so only on the first day.

Point 3 I will do at least 2 days.

Point 4 I will do one day.

Point 5 I will do it one day.

In the end, I’ll stay with System 4 or 5. Unless I fall in love with Sailfish and WhatsApp goes well.


I’ll need help, I’ve never played a Fairphone before.

The Firefox OS installation tutorial seems pretty clear. The tutorial of Sailfish and Fairphone OS I think I understand. The Lineage tutorial I do not understand much, I would need more information.

The Ubuntu Touch tutorial I do not understand.

Links of interest:
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May I suggest you reverse your order?

  • Day 1: Use FP OS and FPOOS to get used to the Fairphone
  • Day 2: Flash your first Alternative OS starting with one that’s easy to flash like Lineage OS.
  • Days 3-n: Try out the other OSes starting with the ones which tutorials you understand.

I’ll add to your list:
0. install TWRP recovery, so I can backup and restore full images of OS I installed. :slight_smile:

For installing Ubuntu Touch it is really not difficult, just download one of the installers (UBPorts installer or CPT) on your computer, plug your phone with a USB cable then follow the on-screen instructions :wink:


Another reason to start with point 5. TWRP comes with Open OS.

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Is it only included with Fairphone Open OS? With Fairphone OS is not included?

Fairphone OS comes with standard Android recovery.

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Thank you very much, you have convinced me. FPOS I’m not going to use it, since it seems it’s just FPOOS, but with Google apps. I’m not very close to Google …

After FPOOS, I will use LOS. Then FOS, Ubuntu and finally Sailfish (the system that I really want to try). If Sailfish is not my definitive system, I will return to FPOOS or Lineage (I do not know which of the two).

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Stay open minded and give Ubuntu touch (and Firefox) a chance. Otherwise, why testing them.
And I would at least take two days for every system to test it and do some more in depth checking of how it suits my needs. Especially when you are new to it and have to get used to it first.
Btw: Just by what I read on the forum, you might run into troubles on changing from one OS to the other, that render testing two in a day virtually impossible. :wink:

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Is your fairphone 2 still available?
Can you ship it to Norway? Pay on delivery by mail?
My mailadress is

@Oivind_Hammer please contact @Flbr via PM.