Third FP2 - list of problems - persuade me not to give up?

I always had this option, even with the first OS :confused:

I’d like to send a conclusion that I persuaded myself not to give up.

The only consistent problem has been charging. Some cables which work with other devices don’t work at all with the FP2, while a new Nokia charger causes the freeze issue described elsewhere. Other cables have worked fine.

Most other issues seem to be resolved and I am happy with the phone. I still get unexpected crashes in some apps, forcing a restart, and I have the proximity sensor issue which blanks the screen during calls, which is also described elsewhere. However, I am prepared to live with these as the cost of working with new tech.

Consider me persuaded, and I’ll keep advocating for, and using my, Fairphone.


I cannot persuade you not to give up either. In fact I have given up myself: I am making myself keep my FP2 for 2 years but I am looking forward to that time. I am hoping that multiple updates, fixes and the upcoming Sailfish OS will make me hang on to it. I gave up on my FP1 after about 18 months due to unusable GPS - mind you, it was the only thing wrong with it, which is more than can be said about the FP2. I have been drooling over the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a few weeks now and I do feel guilty about it!
My FP2 after receiving a replacement screen, still has screen issues, on top of others issues. They are now asking me to send them the whole device. It means finding a replacement phone first and the cost that ensues. This whole thing is testing my patience but I will hang on!


2 years ? How ?


That’s of course a pity and annoying, particular if you don’t have a replacement phone available.
But on the other hand, your FP2 should get properly fixed, as you seem to be affected with a hardware problem. From my personal experience I can report that with a set of good hardware, the phone works just fine!


What do you mean ‘How’? I decided to keep it for a minimum time of 2 years from the purchase date, which is the lifetime of a smartphone before the providers offer an upgrade. After that I will sell it, unless I am no longer out of love with it.


In my head I saw you praying every evening before going to bed.


You don’t need to reboot to return to have the control of the screen.
In my case
I use accessibility option “Power button ends call”: when I what to finish a call a push once, the call ends, second push stops the black screen.
I combine also with the app Call Screen Lock. It worked for me fine during weeks.


Sadly this does not work on my FP2. No pop ups, no nothing. No matter how long I hold the power button for, the phone will not reset. The screen just does not come on sometimes. I have left very many voicemail messages for people whilst trying to hold the power button and then having to take the battery out. My case is now broken because of the amount of times I have had to quickly take it off in order to remove the battery to end a call.

I must be part of that 1% too, 2 phones, no luck, 10 months since ordering the first phone and not one day of proper use…

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