Third FP2 - list of problems - persuade me not to give up?

I know it looks overwhelming but you have to consider this forum is the first place to go for 100.000 FP users if they have problems.

This is unfortunately true. Many of the issues described in the forum by “many” users are probably hardware issues that only a minority of FP2s have, but still that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fixed with a software update.
The number and nature of issues you describe give me the impression that there is - once again - a hardware issue with your phone, but to make sure you could first do the following:

  • Dis- and reassemble the phone. Make sure the screws are tight so there are no loose connections.
  • Perform a hard reset if problems persist. ( :warning: Erases all data)

One could also take the stand that the OP’s example casts some doubt about the announced DOA rate…

Wow, impressive record of bad luck… :frowning:
The first thing that came to my mind (similar to @paulakreuzer) was that statistically you should have earned the right to receive a perfect phone by now.
I received my FP2 in early January and had to have the display exchanged (due to partially unresponsive touchsreen), the repair worked very well and quite fast.
Besides that I didn’t have any issues with my device.

Indeed - 1% of 40,000 quoted in that post is only 400. But I don’t want to ride the mods, or Fairphone: new tech is hard.

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Touchscreen issue appears to be related to charging: when not plugged in the issue does not occur, so searching the forum for more info on this.

Other users also reported touchscreen problems when charging. The best fix is to change the charger or at least the USB cable.

In this topic you can find some inspiration about which charger work and which don’t:

This is a known issue and the relevant topic is this one:

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I can unfortunately not persuade you to not let your fair phone go. I have massive problems with my fair phone 2: the camera can not focus, the phone becomes overheated when I insert a memory card. In addition, the phone uses an incredible amount of power when the memory card is in. And finally, get snapchat app crashes throughout tiden.Support is not existing. This is very sad when I previously had a Fair Phone 1, was very pleased with it. Fair Phone 2, sad to say but it’s just scrap. It is far too poor to be called Fair Phone. The quality is poor and it is far too slow already to last five years (Fair Phone assertion). I think most will eventually give up this phone to buy a new one. it is really sad for the idea of a fair smartphone is good.

Did you already try diffent cards or just one? It might be the card…[quote=“Terje_Steiro1, post:12, topic:18311”]
the camera can not focus
You know that you can send you’re phone in and get the camera replaced/repaired? Se here

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Nothing wrong with the memory card, i have tried it in other phones. About the camera focus, i have send a support ticket to support.

Well. There’s something wrong with my screen - it has light spots. Yet as I support FP and know they already have loads of stuff to do, I just don’t bother asking for a new screen. I think this goes in general: Fairphone buyers seem to accept a lot, shows also this very thread. They’re probably more tolerant than ‘regular’ costumers.


This rings true with me. I have had many problems, none of a terminal nature, but the ‘protective case’ is broken because so many times I have had to remove it to take the battery out because the screen freezes during phone calls. I haven’t sought to return the phone, but simply waited for updates. I can’t often use the phone when charging (which is a shame as I am a heavy phone user and so need to charge it a lot), but have accepted this as I support the project. I am unsure if this post will post as often any social media apps do not work when trying to post updates. The Fairphone concept is brilliant, but for me who needs a reliable phone for work and who isn’t overly technically minded (wouldn’t want to do fixes myself), the FP2 is not the solution. I am sticking with it though… For now!

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To reset the phone, you don’t need to take the battery out! Just keep the power button pressed for around 15 seconds.
Or use the power button to end calls, that could be an even more convenient workaround for this issue (but I assume you already found this in the topic about the problem).


That doesn’t work. You press the power button for 15 seconds and you get a popup asking if you want to shut the phone down. But because the screen is frozen, you can’t press the “shut down” link. I, too, have had to remove the battery several times for this reason.

Stange. If I press the power button for 15 seconds, the phone boots. No popups or questions asked…

Weird! Can I have a different version of the OS? But two new ones have come since I got the phone and I’ve installed them as usual.

I always had this option, even with the first OS :confused:

I’d like to send a conclusion that I persuaded myself not to give up.

The only consistent problem has been charging. Some cables which work with other devices don’t work at all with the FP2, while a new Nokia charger causes the freeze issue described elsewhere. Other cables have worked fine.

Most other issues seem to be resolved and I am happy with the phone. I still get unexpected crashes in some apps, forcing a restart, and I have the proximity sensor issue which blanks the screen during calls, which is also described elsewhere. However, I am prepared to live with these as the cost of working with new tech.

Consider me persuaded, and I’ll keep advocating for, and using my, Fairphone.


I cannot persuade you not to give up either. In fact I have given up myself: I am making myself keep my FP2 for 2 years but I am looking forward to that time. I am hoping that multiple updates, fixes and the upcoming Sailfish OS will make me hang on to it. I gave up on my FP1 after about 18 months due to unusable GPS - mind you, it was the only thing wrong with it, which is more than can be said about the FP2. I have been drooling over the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a few weeks now and I do feel guilty about it!
My FP2 after receiving a replacement screen, still has screen issues, on top of others issues. They are now asking me to send them the whole device. It means finding a replacement phone first and the cost that ensues. This whole thing is testing my patience but I will hang on!