The situation between Fairphone devs and the porters of SailfishOS (FP2)

I use my FP2 since exact 1 Year now. Only with SailfishOS. Android was never an option for me, so i will not talk about Android bugs here…

The whole SailfishOS community was very enthusiastic about FP2 in early 2016. The porters (Mainly @mal) did a gr8 job.
We hoped for official Sailfish support - it was always postponed, no clear answer was given for the community, no decission was made.
That makes me sad. It makes me Sad, because FP2 COULD be a gr8 device. An open device with an open Operating system. So many people asked for official Sailfish Support. And official SaifishOS support was possible IMHO.

It makes me sad, that so many things which community members wished - didin’t find open ears in the Fairphone management.

The communication could be more open and the community supporters, (@mal in first place) were not supported in the way the should be supported.

2 times i got a community device from @Douwe (Thanks for that, btw.), 2 times i could make something for the community. The Noob-Proof-Sailfish-OS-Install-Script is based on my work and my SF-Image.
But it was not enough IMHO.
The idea was good, but the realisation - bad.
This is only my personal opinion. Opinion of a very technical person and SailfishOS Power User.

I’m also very sorry, but like it is now its not good enough for me.
I wait, until Jolla will release the SailfishOS Image for the Sony Xperia X F5521 and than i will sell my FP2 and switch to Sony Xperia X.

I don’t know how it will be in the future. Maybe we will meet again (When FP3 will run SailfishOS) :wink:

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Is there actually an unofficial image of SFOS for X F5521 available, and eventually running quite good?

not yet. there will be no unofficial image for Xperia X. We need to wait until Jolla will release it. And it will definitely cost money. the xperia x image will not be for free.

Thanks. Did Jolla say something about the price?

@explit I think that Fairphone are not the only ones to blame for the missing official SFOS image. It seems that Jolla also wasn’t trying very hard to make it happen. Maybe you have better insight into the situation.

Not at the moment…

Unfortunately yes. I have a good contact to Jolla key persons. They said, that Jolla has 2 times made an commercial offer for Fairphone and got no response from Fairphone.
But it is not only this. I can understand. Fairphone could say: Guys, we have no financial / technical resources to support a second operating system, but we can make this, this or this.

But there was nothing. @mal wrote me, that the contact between him and Fairphone dev’s was interrrupted and he was forced to make anything on his own. And this is something what shouldn’t be. community shouldn’t be treated like this. The communication was very bad. There was no clear communication at all.
In the beginning there were loud words about " we are looking, how we can find offical Sailfish support.
But time has gone…and there was still no clear answer.
Even, when Fairphone decided not to Support SailfishOS - there was no clear statement. Only when someone asked Fairphone on twitter - he got the answer, that SailfishOS will remain “community driven project”

This is what i’m complaining about.


FP does not seem to give anything about the community. We are discussing here about the
things we don’t like, and FP employees don’t give any helpful statement. And yes, they are
reading here, and they should read every post. I would do so, if I were the company. I
would want to know, what’s up with my product.
I will switch to a Xperia X, which costs 315€ at the moment. It will get support for SFOS
and there are also a few good custom Android roms available. And I think, it will last longer
for me, than a FP2 could. I am a technician, so I am able to repair the device or replace the
battery on my own.
After about 7 months I owned a FP2, sad to say, that FP failed for me. That was the shortest
time for a phone I ever had.


You are right, they should and probably are.

Regarding Jolla on the Xperia X: Let’s wait and see IF that actually gets released and how well it works and is supported. Quite early to praise what’s actually not much more then an announcement at the moment. I would like to hear the experiences in a year with Jolla on the Xperia X before.


Indeed - FPs non-statement about SFOS is really disappointing. Someone at FP did not learn the old lesson that such non-statements just create more doubts than a reasonable yet negative decision.


Just to clarify my side of the comments that @explit gave, I have no big issues regarding Fairphone, the contact issue between me and Fairphone was mainly because my usual contact was away from IRC for a long long time but now he seems to be back, I just didn’t notice that. And about working on my own, I have done that mostly anyway, but there are also some issues that I cannot fix myself (like the battery drain caused by proximity sensor, which also affects Android and as far as I know also Android 6) and which need work from Fairphone and would be nice to have fixed so the installation of Sailfish OS would be easier and we could use the latest firmware.

I do understand that the number of developers at Fairphone is not very big so that kind of bugs which have less effect on Android side are not very high priority (only when using some apps using proximity sensor all the time cause the battery drain on Android but on Sailfish OS the proximity sensor is always active and the issue on more serious but at least the old firmware fixes the issue, normally proximity sensor being active all the time is not an issue since it’s a very low power sensor). I have even considered changing the way Sailfish OS handles proximity sensor to work around the problem.


Thanks for the clarification, @mal. I know you as a very modest person. You do it your way, like you can. And this is wonderfull, IMHO. I doubt, that we would see such mature SailfishOS Port on the Fairphone 2 without your work. I don’t know how much work other porters have made on the FP2-SailfishOS Port, like vakkov and phdeswer but i had always the feeling, like Fairphone has promised something for the community, but let you do all the work alone. That my personal feeling, after 1 year with Sailfish and FP2. Your port is gr8, and FP2 is a cool device - no question! But i find this a bit unfair to your person and to all SailfishOS community. I bought the Fairphone 2 because of the SailfishOS. And now i feel a bit sad about the whole situation.

Anyway, let me speak in the name of all FP2-SailfishOS Users:



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