The plan for Oslo

Here are my ideas for Oslo so far, I’ll probably edit this over time to reflect changes and updates. Everyone’s free to chime in.


  • stock up on FP3/+ parts so I can help people
  • any old (and/or broken) FP parts (and phones), so I can get better at tinkering with the parts.


  • Student union week – check interest among students & student organizations.
  • Result: Found an offshoot of the Restarter Project in Oslo. Looking into organizing a repair party with them on Campus. As part of that, I’ll start a repair union on Campus.
  • Build social media presence on FB, Instagram, Mastodon, and Matrix.
  • Update: Nothing happened on the FB, and Instagram front. Dipped my toes into Mastodon and Matrix – Mastodon seems kind of promising.


  • Oslo kulturnatt: lots of events are planned. Either, I could try to hold a workshop there (overly ambitious, but I can see if its theoretically possible, practically I’d need help with this), or I could just discuss fairphone and urban mining with people and check for resonance.

  • Contact the repair union in Oslo.

  • Register as a student repair union on campus.

  • Prepare for October workshop.

  • Advertise for the workshop students’ repair union on social media and the university campus.


  • Hold Plan an urban mining workshop on campus for next semester. (Assuming corona regulations allow for it, and Norwegian authorities aren’t being overly optimistic about the situation)

November - December:

  • main focus on my exams.
  • depending on resonance maybe a meetup (digital?)

Great to see your ideas :+1:

I have allowed myself to link to this topic in the Local Fairphoners’ address book and to add a few tags. Hope this finds your approval. :slight_smile:


Yes, awesome thank you. I haven’t quite mastered the forum formatting yet, and my laptop is broken, so everything so far has been done using my fairphone.

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Sounds very interesting and ambitious! :+1: :+1:
If it helps you then you may ask FP to announce your planned events on the Fairphone events page Events - Fairphone
If you announce them here in the local category and add date/time/location then they should automatically appear on the #communitymap .


That’s a great idea. I thought that I might announce it as an event in early September, because then I’ll know how feasible it is with regards to regulations and general interest.


Events - Fairphone is the one announcement place that requires by far the longest time before new events are posted (I submitted three upcoming events of mine 11 days ago) – it’s a bit like print media. Send an e-mail to Lora at fairphone • com with your event info as soon as you can. Everything else can be spread by us at short notice (@Ingo on Twitter).


Awesome @urs_lesse, will make sure to do so once I have a concrete time and place for the event!

I’ve been thinking a bit about the social media profiles; I don’t really like FB as their ads and their ethical decisions (as well as their lack thereof) rub me the wrong way.

So essentially I’ve thought that I’ll just advertise the fairphone website, as well as my mastodon profile, as a way of getting in touch.

After all, the idea with the social accounts was that people (I meet during the student union workshops) have something to go to and explore and I think the webpage has that covered already.

And since I’m expecting to be able to count the people interested on one hand, it doesn’t make that much sense anyway, and seems a bit impersonal.

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I would recommend you have a permanent topic here in this forum that serves as your central “anchor” people can go to to find your latest updates. For the time being we have included this very topic into our Local Fairphoners address book (Fairphone communities) as you might have noticed. If eventually you want to create a new one, we can always adapt the address book. You might want to have a look at the Austrian Fairphoners’, Aachen, Hamburg, Munich, Nantes or Rhein-Ruhr topics in this forum (all easily findable in the address book) to get ideas how to build such a topic (and especially its first post).

Individual events on Events - Fairphone (or in other places you might want to advertise them) could then link to that dedicated forum topic of yours. This would allow you to keep editing and updating the relevant information yourself.


I’ve updated the original post to reflect what’s going on. I still think the FP is a central key here since it’s at the heart of what repairability and ethical resourcing is all about. The idea to even look up repair cafés actually also came from the FP website, because they link to the restart project.

I’ve also learnt a lot about repair and even soldering the last few weeks, and I feel getting involved in general repair work will give me a more solid foundation once I actually need to help people with their phones.