The photo thing

so I ain’t the most diy talented… and the organic relationship I seen to have developed with my fp2 is quite fun BUT photos. I have installed the open camera app! was that the right thing to do? and how do I stop my photos to be stored on Google photos and instead on the sd card?

  1. Tap cogwheel on opencamera screen (close to flash settings)
  2. Select “… more camera controls…”
  3. Enable "use storage access framework"and select the desired location on the SD card in the next dialogue
  4. If necessary disable Google synchronization of data within Android settings

IMO point 4. is the most important one as it prevents the pictures from being uploaded to Google’s servers. The “Google Photos” app will still be able to display your pictures, but (IMHO) that doesn’t do any harm, since everything is happening locally.
If you want to prevent even this, you need to uninstall or deactivate the “Google Photos” app and install / use a different gallery app instead.


it worked you are a star thank you


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