The phone turns itself off without any reason (Facebook app)

Hi, is anyone else with a Fairphone 1 having a problem of the phone suddenly going blank and to the “Starting a movement” screen without warning?


there are several possible reasons for this behaviour.

  • hardware issue
  • software issue

Do you know what apps were open when this happend?
How was the battery status?
Do you use a sdcard? Maybe there is an error on this, causing the crash?

I suggest to install “catlog” (or another log app) and check the log after such crashes.

Old or damaged SIM cards can also cause the phone to crash.

The SIM is only 2 years old. It seems to crash only when I am using Facebook.

Have look here. There are more people having trouble with facebook.

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Lidwien is right. Since its last update, the Facebook app causes severe problems like phone crashes etc. Uninstall it and your FP will work fine again.

Thanks for the help!

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