The next steps after reaching the crowdfunding-goal? (What are your questions?)

Thanks @joe!
I hope you enjoyed the holidays :smile:
As of today, when do plan to have stock in The Netherlands? :smile:
Thank you.

Stock of the Fairphone 2?

Yes, stock of the Fairphone 2.

We don’t know when stock of the Fairphone 2 will be available.

OK, thanks for the answer.
(I was imagining you have in the “business plan” an estimated planned date for that particular moment : stock = short delivery time)

Change the rim only? I think it won’t be possible.
The case is an advanced piece of different plactics :smile:

FP1 has a hard-plastic white rim. On FP2 the rim is a rubber flexible plastic, more prone to catch marks if white. This is what I understand from this message of Michiel.

@anon90052001, I have a question related to production :smile:
For FP1U, at normal production speed, the out-of-the-factory batches of phones were batches of 3000 to 4000 phones. Do you know what it is going to be for FP2 ? :smile:
(Guys, do you remember that page!)

I’m particularly hoping for the possibility to replace the USB type B with type C. I promised myself not to buy another device with the superseded type B ports, FP2 is the only exception and I do hope to be able to fix that as soon as possible.

Also, here’s hoping Android will still not be rooted. If people want to open up their devices they should be able to, but personally I don’t see it being worth the risks anymore.

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