The new update - worth updating?

I have the FP2 but didn’t update to the new android yet. To those who already did: is it worth updating or are there new issues appearing with it? Anything to know about the update procedure?


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The update is not a new Android, “just” a FP OS update. It is mainly focused on bringing more stability. For some people/phones more stability means the issues they had are fixed or improved, others said they still have the same issues or they even got worse.
Besides some design bugs there are no issues a 100% fixed, but as far as I know there are no new issues either.

thanks for the quick response. So if my phone doesn’t have any bugs it’s better to just stick to the old OS?

I can’t promise this, but if you don’t have any issues now you probably won’t have them after the update either. I didn’t have any issues with either OS version. But the updates brings some design fixes and the increased stability may mean the phone gets faster and less battery consuming.

Also if you do have any issues with the new OS that you didn’t before you can easily switch back through the updater app’s “advanced mode”.


I see. The possibility of downgrading is great to have. I’ll think about upgrading then.

From the point of security fixes I think it’s worth updating…


I can’t help to mention my ticket case on this question (98097). 3 days after upgrade my FP2 device is now beeing transfered to repair to Almeere/Holland, So it became a bad case of disfunctional display part with error vertical lines permanently defect. But several hours after the upgrade a known problem reappeared with the frozen screen after every regular screen locking. My FP2 was delivered first on 13.1 this year and was functional for 3 month with one problem: the oversensitive touchscreen happened only during charging making the device disfunctional every day half of all time. Curiously the frozen screen happened also during the very first week in january and was fixed on first display disassembly. I must have had that upgrade and waited impatiently . The surprise was that after the upgrade for almost 1,5 days the device worked perfectly with the one and only problem fixed. Now I am waiting for the repair closure . But to be honest I am sure that a complete new FP2 device has to replace my old FP2 phone before I get back my full trust in FP2 device design. My personal facit of this history is that If I would have to downgrade OS software with my returned old FP2 I would officially demand my money back.
never mind

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