The horrible colours in the contact list

How can I change the colours in the contactlist/ Phone app
The Hnadbook says there is a button on the touchscreen that brings you into the settings of the app.
I dont have that, I have one button that brings me back to the app before
one that shows the home screen and
on that shows all open apps.
Ich couldnt find any answer anywhere

I don’t know, but please change that colours!! They are awful!

It’s not one of the three navigation buttons but in some apps there is a “button” with an icon consisting of three dots, which takes you to the settings of the app.

In the people app there is such an icon, but there is no way to change the colors from there.

You’ll have to either create contact images for all your contacts or download a 3rd party app that creates alternative contact icons (Like Identiconizer)

Also Micopi is nice for contact icons :slight_smile:

I tried the iconizer but that makes it even more colourful, so i downloaded RocketDial Dialer & Contacts
when i erased all the iconizer pics I gonna have a grownup phoneapp instead of the toyshop app supplied by fairphone, thanks for your help

Would be nice @Rene_Jordan if you could implement a link next time :wink: Saves only one copypaste, but might still help to avoid potential confusion.

I also had a look at the suggested alternatives, thanks to @paulakreuzer und @DjDas, but I’m also quite unhappy with the choices. Haven’t found an alternative that works for me yet, but I’ll post it here once I do. Although I would already be a lot happier if it would just be possible to just change the assigned colours…

If you put rocketdial into the appshop your immediatelia there, thats how i did it. Its free

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