The great forum outage of 2015

Hello dear forum community,

As you may have noticed, the forum has been down for some considerable time this week. We are still piecing together the complete story of what went wrong (and why so long), but I’ll put it in short:

  • There was a bug in the kernel of an old version of Docker
  • This would create never-ending backup files
  • This file got huge, exceeded the storage space and made the server crash/inoperable
  • This is a known issue with other Discourse forums running an earlier version of Docker:

What are we doing now

  • We are updating to the latest versions of Docker
  • We are optimizing our systems to monitor and track these issues in advance so it doesn’t happen again
  • I would like us to get the latest 1.3 version of Discourse, but not sure we can yet.
  • EDITED: We’re not in the clear yet. We’ll get confirmation Thursday if the long-term fix is implemented.

I want to apologize for the forum being down so long. We hope this downtime has jolted us, or reminded us, how important the forum is for our community dialogue and ensure we have the infrastructure of the forum in tip-top condition!

Thanks again for your patience… now, let’s get back to the topic(s) at hand.


we all know that - unfortunately - such things happen. thanks for taking care! good to have the forum back :smile:


FINALLY!!! :smiley: I was afraid that, after having done my exams, I would need to spend my day reading a book, or going for walks… :wink:


Hooray the forum is back! Now let’s hope the heatwave in the Netherlands doesn’t melt the server…