The Giffgaff Team have told me to send my fauly phone in but I wonder how long it takes until the parcel is picked up by DHL

Hello, my phone is dead and I was told to send it in. Unfortunately with christmas coming up I am going to visit people and not be in one place for a long time. I started the parcel pick up request ( the faulty phone gets picked up by dhl and send back to the company) but now I wonder which address I should put in. The one where I will be nest week, or the week after, or the week after…?
Has anyone sent in any broken parts so far? How many days did it take between requesting the pick up and the pacel actually being picked up?
Thank you!! Isa

You can even choose a specific day for pickup. Scheduling pickup for the next working day is no problem.

Great, thank you struppi!

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