👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

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@ar.do Have you sent an Email to them and they didn’t answer yet?


Good shout. No reply so far. Calling on London :grin: :loudspeaker:!


Hello Angels friends.

I’m moving to Taranto, Italy next week. :sun_with_face:
@Stefan could you opt me out of Liège heaven (and put it inactive as I was the only one)?
And of course if you can create a Taranto heaven for me :smile:



I’ve tried to handle the backlog of the Angels program. If you have the feeling that something is not handled yet, please shout! :smiley: :mega:


Hi all
I have been using the Fairphone 2 for over three years now and gained some experience and knowledge about the phone. I would like to volunteer as a Fairphone Angel. I live in Aarau, Switzerland but work/study in Zürich. Therefore I would like to join the Fairphone Heaven in Zürich and/or start a new one in Aarau


Welcome! I’ve added you to the Angels and to a PM where we can discuss further details. :slight_smile:


Hello there,
How do you determine if a Heaven is active?
For example, I haven’t got any info from the community in Barcelona for a long time. So either it’s not an active comm or I’m missing out!:sweat_smile:


We have contacted the responsible Fairphone Angel and will see if everything is up and running. :slight_smile:


Hi Neus,

My name is Laurent and I´m the angel for Barcelona.
I´m answering and helping people with their questions and put them in touch with someone that can repair their phones when needed.
But I must say I don´t have enough time to organise events or workshops so I haven´t.

But if there are people interested we can try to meet up and see what happens. I´ve seen some people might have been interested to meet up from this thread:

Let me know.


Hi,ich bin der Jens (noch 48Jahre) aus Steinbach-Hallenberg/Thüringen und ich möchte gerne Teil der Fairphone Angels für Thüringen werden.


Hey, ich werde dich gleich zu den Angels aufnehmen. :slight_smile: