👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

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I’m located in Amsterdam area, studying in Amersfoort.
Speaking English, Dutch, some Spanish and German.
Expertise: security / pentesting, networking, Linux CLI, Python programming, and of course software. Hardware not so much.

At this time of writing I got some FP2 spare parts lying around (screen, v1 camera modules, battery at 85% power, cases) but I’m going to bring them to Fairphone HQ for recycling/resale somewhere in the '18 summer.

Feel free to send me a PM if you need help :slight_smile:


Great, I will add you to the Fairphone Angels immediately! :smiley:

Maybe you can stop by when all the other Fairphoners from around Europe are at Amsterdam:


I’m interested in this program too.
I live in Veneto, Italy. I’m still a student so I travel between my home town and my university town, Padova.
Who can I PM for more detail ?


Woohoo, the first Angel in :it: Italy! :smiley: I will add you to the Fairphone Angels right now and we can then discuss the details. :slight_smile:


We now have three new Angels on the #communitymap : Amsterdam / @jfdhuiz , Liège / @oli.sax (being the first in :belgium: Belgium!) and Paris / @jaymanu ! :tada:

PS.: Someone should add up the number of people we potentially reach in all of Europe by now. :nerd_face:


We have reached :tada: 25 heavens :tada: with our latest intake Berlin (@schmulschubiak)! :angel:


Hi everybody,

I’ve been thinking about maybe becoming an angel for the Antwerp area :slight_smile: I saw on the map there’s nobody (yet) and I’m very happy about the phone, the community support and the overall work of fairphone so why not advocate it a bit more!

I haven’t done any repairs myself but I would be happy to assist if anybody needs the help :p. Don’t know what the other requirements are but I guess having someone there to help can always be a plus?

Anyway, if anyone can inform me what or how the process to become an :angel: that would be great!



Count me in for the Antwerp Heaven :slight_smile:


A new Fairphone powerhouse rising :sunglasses:

Give organizing a meetup a thought, too. It would be so nice if the intimidating abundance of the German flag in the Community Agenda would be diluted a bit!

On a second thought, hm, the colours aren’t that diff-:thinking:


The requirement is that you feel up to the task of meeting up with others. Many people are simply afraid of breaking something and your confidence helps a lot in such situations. :slight_smile:

I will add you to the Fairphone Angels and contact you in our hidden forum section. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

I would like to become an angel for Hannover (Germany). I saw an empty spot there on the map and I’d like to fill it. :wink:

I have the FP2 and I like the phone very much, the community support and the work of fairphone. I am somekind of an Android power user and I am a beta user of Android 7 (FP OS 18.08.1).

I can demonstrate the FP2 in person and I can solve software problems or anything else that can be solved locally. Until now I haven’t done any repairs of my FP2, but I know how to repair other mobiles and laptops* and I’d be happy to assist if anybody needs help.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

*) Okay, that depends very much on the device. How much are the individual parts glued together and can it be opened easily and without breaking anything etc. But that’s not a problem of the FP. :wink:


Hi, @datenteiler, great! :smiley: I’ll add you to the Fairphone Angels and contact you via PM. :slight_smile:


Hello World,
I would like to join the Angels in Erfurt, Germany !
I have a Fairphone 2 since two years and allready change all the modules by myself.
I like to help people and to solve problems, when i can.

Also I would like to try to share the “spirit” of Fairphone in my area.

Let me know and thanks !

Enjoy !


Cool, I’ll add you to the Fairphone Angels. :slight_smile:


Can I join “Fairphone Angels” ?
I live near Grenoble, where I organize a monthly Install Party event.
I want to spread the word for Fairphoners that it is also a place to share experiences!


Of course! :smile: Adding you to the Fairphone Angels. You’ll soon receive a PM with further instructions. :slight_smile:


Hej @ModularKing … seems like there is interest in your Kingdom :wink:


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I´m living in Cham/Zug, Switzerland and i think we could need a FP Angel here too. I´m interested in FP OS and Lineage OS i could give support in german and english language. Please let me know, if i can become an Angel :wink:

Welcome! Introduce yourself here!