👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

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Wohoo, that’s perfect! :raised_hands:


I’m interested in supporting people nearby, if they have questions about Fairphone. I’m located in Gotha, middle Germany. It seems there are no retailers in this area. So if someone is interested in get hands on a Fairphone before buying, I have one.

I have as well some experience in repairing broken mobile phones.


Hi, I’m from Montpellier, South of France, here!

Although my Fairphone is currently in repair, I’d very much like to help other local Fairphoners, in French or English! I already know how to open it and change the modules, explain a lot of the good things in Fairphone, but that’s about it for now… And I’m a fresh member of the Repair Café of Montpellier!

Is it enough to be a Fairphone Angel?


@Antoine Great, I’ve added you to the Fairphone Angels! :smiley:

@benjasso Would it be fine for you to create a heaven in Erfurt or is it too difficult to reach that for you? :slight_smile:


What am I expected to do?
I am working in Erfurt, so I can help help people in Erfurt too. But mainly I want to focus on Gotha.


Usually we take a city and draw a 30km circle around it. That’s basically the action radius of a Fairphone Angel. The reason is that a city usually is good to reach for everyone in that radius, while a small town isn’t as well connected.

Putting the center of your “action radius” in Erfurt would also make cooperation easier with other Fairphoners that might be in the city region. There aren’t sooo many FPers around so this will increase your chances.

You aren’t expected to do anything. Fairphone Angels always operate voluntarily and if someone needs help and you cannot meet up in Erfurt, they will have to come to Gotha of course.

Still I would welcome if we had a heaven in Erfurt. :slight_smile:


I agree with putting the center to Erfurt. As I wrote, I am usually several days a week in Erfurt.

Meeting someone to do something Fairphone related is of course possible.


Great, making you a Fairphone Angel in a moment! :smiley:


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I’m located in Orléans and Toulouse (France).
I’m an electronic amateur and I know very well the FP2 (both hardware and software) and a little bit less the FP1.
If you could pin me as an angel it would be very nice (I got some extra modules, spare parts, etc.) I’m also contributing to this YT channel about FP.



Sounds great! I didn’t know that there was such YT channel! :smiley:


There is, we try to make content to help other Fairphoners. There is a lot of ideas but we don’t have so much time each. Work in progress.


You can maybe open a thread in the forum and post each new video you publish, :slight_smile:. That way other users can follow you here and reference your videos here and in other places.
You can do that in your mother tonge, of course.


It’s a great idea. Idk however if many French Fairphoners are here but it’s worth the shot. :slight_smile:


There are at least 72 topics in French at the moment: #:fr: You can even follow this tag.


Very nice, thank you !


Salut Antoine !
Si ce n’est déjà fait, sache que tes compétences techniques et ta pédagogie seront hautement bienvenues sur la page du groupe facebook constituée par la communauté francophone des utilisateurs de FairPhone !
Alors, à bientôt ? :smile:


J’en suis membre ! Pas sûr d’avoir de révolutionnaires compétences techniques, mais ce sera avec plaisir !


Hi! Just a quick message to let you know that 2 of the 3 FP1s we received from Fairphone in the Bilbao Angels group (@dieguich and me) are “continueing their life”.

The screen of one of them has given new life to an unused FP1 owned by Marion, a french woman I met during my work (she has created a new company in Bilbao that tries to avoid the use of plastic products www.sinplastico.com).

The other is now being usted by an FP2 owner (Guillermo, researcher of Conflict Free Technology) that has sent his FP2 to Amsterdam to solve some technical problems.

Last wednesday @dieguich and me took part, together with Guillermo, in a talk, to spread the world about Fairphone. Diego also talked in the regional radio. As a consequence, more fairphoners living near Bilbao have put in contact with us.

Movement goes on!!


This is great news. Thank you for sharing it with us! I love that @dieguich went to the :radio:!!! :sunglasses: :muscle: :grin: