👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

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As widely known, this cannot be done in seven days, yes! :smiley:


Hi there,

I’d like to propose myself as an Angel for the city of Freiburg, Germany. We are a very green city and the density of Fairphone users is surprisingly high :slight_smile:

As for my personal experience, I’m a pretty heavy user of the Fairphone, so I think I know most of the little quirks. I don’t spend massive amounts of time in the Forum, but whenever my friends and colleagues have trouble with the phone, I’m the first person they ask :slight_smile:

Thanks and cheers


Great, thanks for proposing yourself! :slight_smile: I’ll ask around, who will be your Guardian Angel and will guide you through the setup process. :slight_smile:


Hallo @hnms
I can help you to set up the Angels in Freiburg. I’m the Angel from Stuttgart. (Baden-Württemberger vereint euch!!!)


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Nice. Let’s do that over PN/e-mail?




I’m living now in middle west of France, in Deux-Sèvre department. I’m active in the local Linux User Group (http://gebull.org) where I advocate Fairphone and managed to convince some people to switch to it, helping them with FP OpenSource OS and recently LineageOS. I propose myself for this program as it looks I’m already doing the job :slight_smile:

Gebull association hold public meetings every thursdays evening (20h-22h) in Bressuire city.


That’s great! It’s time to connect with awesome people like yourself! :smiley:

I’ll add you to the Fairphone Angels! :angel:


Hi, I would be happy for would-be users in Denmark to contact me (English / Danish / French) for help or information. I have been a FP2 user for over 2 years now and, after some problems earlier on, my phone is now quite stable. The battery life could be better - it seems that WiFi really drains the battery while it lasts somewhat longer if WiFi is off.

I have already repaired my phone (under guarantee with free replacement parts - microphone module - being received within very few days after registering a complaint.

Travelling in Africa at the moment, I’m very happy that the phone can handle dual SIM cards!

/ Mike


Hi @mjhdavies, thank you for offering yourself! I asked around, who will assist you and guide you through the setup process. :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile: I’d like to have a city name from you, instead of the generic “Denmark”. Please have in mind that Fairphone Angels give local support.


Hey guys,

please unangel me. I sold my fairphone and I’m back on a friends Samsung Galaxy S2 (2011). It does everything I want from a smart phone. The fp is simply overpowered for me, I . As long as I get lineage os updates for the S2 and it does everything I need, I think it is the best using it until it dies, hopefully not in the near future ;-].

It was a pleasure



This is a pity! I hope you stay connected to the community! :slight_smile:

Edit: I removed you from the @Angels group, but I saw that members can remove themselves, too. The Mailman subscription needs to be removed by you yourself or by your co-angels in Rhein-Ruhr (@amber, @duke1102).


I’d like to join the FP Angels program :slight_smile: I’m living in the Rhein/Main Region in Germany, located between Frankfurt and Darmstadt.
I am able to help with software problems (including installing LinageOS) or small hardware issues. Since I am a heavy Android user since Android 1.6 (HTC Tattoo :slight_smile: ) I can solve most of the typical issues.


Great! The Rhein-Main area is one of the biggest “white spots” on the Fairphone Community Map so far. :slight_smile: Now if only Berlin would get active, too … :angel:


Great @manchot, I’ll add you to the Fairphone Angels immediately. :slight_smile:

@mjhdavies As soon as you give us a location, I’ll be happy to install the first Denmark heaven. :slight_smile:


I like to patisipate as the first Viking Angel from Denmark.

Don’t see any dot on the map, so I would love to make that mark.

Kindly, Aske.


Great! :smiley: As we are providing local community support, I’d need a more specific location (region or, better, city).


Oh yeah, I am located in Copenhagen, so it is actually a quite good location. :blush: