The eWasteArcade. What do you think?

Next week we will be in Berlin and we’ll bring an awesome machine with us: the eWaste arcade!
With every phone you put in the machine, you earn credits to play games.

What do you think of this? Is it a nice way to get people to recycle?


I like the idea! I just hope enough people take a broken phone with them to this event. It’s not something I would take with me every day…

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Agreed, that’s always the challenge Johan and much depending on communication up front. However we will demo the idea and hope to get people thinking!
The ideal situations is if the arcade is at a certain spot for a longer amount of time where people come more often.
And if you’re coming to Berlin, make sure to bring your old phone!!
kind regards,
the E-waste arcade team.


Nice idea! These should be placed at shopping malls or electronic stores. Or would you think that encourages uncritical consumption?

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They should indeed! Working on it. We don’t believe that it would encourage uncritical consumption since the arcade also provides information and awareness about critical consumption through the games and videos in the arcade.