The Dark-Light toggle has moved

The Dark-Light toggle has moved from the top menubar to the hamburger menu.

Besides manually toggling the Dark-Light mode you can now also enable Auto Detect mode so that the forum Dark-Light mode changes automatically when your device’s Dark-Light mode changes.

Old location


New location


How did you do this? Do you use this plugin? That one only seems to allow to add the toggle to the site header.

It’s a bit counterintuitive that one has to select a color scheme for dark mode first before the switch becomes available.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to preset one of the dark mode themes and just have auto-detect set to off, so it’s always there.
Or is that already the default and it’s only missing for me because I changed those settings at some point? :thinking:

Yes, that’s the one. I unchecked this option in the theme component’s settings:

Users whose account existed before the new theme was installed a few weeks ago indeed need to manually set a Dark Mode theme before being able to use the toggle. Unfortunately there is no way to have it set automatically for existing accounts.

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Ah okay, then it’s because I use the new sidebar, there is no support for that, yet :slight_smile: