The camera now makes noise when taking pictures

Hi everyone!

I have been a happy owner of the FairPhone 2 since October 2017. So far everything was perfect until yesterday. I took a picture and it made a noise. I have not changed anything and I still take pictures with the Google Camera application, so I don’t understand why it now makes a sound when I take a picture…
It is very anoying, as I take pictures when I am in traning (pictures of the slides and so on).
I don’t see how to turn it off. How come the features have suddenly changed by themselves?
Does anyone have the same issue?

Thanks in advance for your help and support!

I also have a similar problem. After each update of the FPOOS the once muted camera starts emitting a shutter sound. So could it be that the noise started after an update on your device?

For me the most reliable way to make the camera silent again is to delete/rename the camera_click.ogg in /system/media/audio/ui

But I guess this is only possible when your phone is rooted. However, most likely there’s an easier way anyway - just wait for further answers.

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