That pesky google in andriod 10

Hello all, i have recently updated to andriod 10. Thanks fp for that. But have hit a snag tying down googgles in this litteration. All is fine but tried to halt google play services and location and physical action are greyed out and unable to be turned off. They are not active in permisions tab and google play says its disabled. Any thoughts, ideas ?

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where exactly are you trying to disable what exactly? And which version of Android 10 exactly are you on (a new update was just released 20 minutes ago)?

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To be honest, I doubt that you can simply halt or deactivate the Play Services in a normal Android (if I get you right), since it is one of the main bugging devi … erm essential components for providing G00gle services and thus deeply integrated into the system. The only solution I know of to get rid of that is by installing an alternate OS like /e/ or LineageOS once it is available (officially).

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To a certain degree you can, but of course it’s not a simple flip of a switch in the settings.

It’s certainly more conceptually clean, I’m using /e/ myself now.


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