Thanks Fairphone Team!

I just felt it would be a good time to thank the whole Fairphone team for their hard work making this project possible! It warms my heart that there are such dedicated people out there looking to save the world one phone at a time. This is truly a monumental act of rebellion against the status quo and I’m happy to support it.



Thank you so much for your kind words!

Clearly we would be nowhere without this community and all the people who trusted us to do this, even long before the Fairphone 1 even existed.

With such great members, giving their trust, criticism and awesome ideas we will be able to continue for many years to come!


My thankfullness comes not only from the fact how my FP2 keeps on running …
… but also, because the FP team (also keep on running including :wink:

  • kept and keep on with their promise about good transparency (cost + supplier + hardware + software)
  • offering the first real open source android OS (OSOS, not like g**gles half baken abstract layered OSOS)
  • having repaired my FP2 seamless

There exists a negativ version of another fair phone: Shift-5.1 (Shift-GmbH, Mr/Herr Waldeck) ! I read the complete Heise-Magazin article mid of april:
It helds some comparison due to FP’s FP (the real, original) e.g. the cost break down list. Also certificates are all missing from Shift5.1 and many more obfuscating announcements without any prove even without any proof of concept. I guess the english people call it a copycat.
Thanks to FP keep on beeing the original FP.


You can find more on this discussion here:



thanks and find my answer there :wink:

kept and keep on with their promise about good transparency (cost + supplier + hardware + software)?

feel free to ask in your own words.

For me, yes. For you, I don’t know. What do you think yourself?

Hello helpful community, hello Fairphone-Team,

-it’s time to say “THANK YOU”… :slight_smile: …!!!

First, when my long expected Fairphone2 arrived, I was really totally disappointed… -all the personally data collecting google-stuff on it, -and not an official easy way to root the phone… -I couldn’t believe… “my phone, -but Googles data…:wink:

Now the “FP Open OS” is ready… -it works great on my phone and now I’m totally-absolutely-really-totally happy!!!.. “my phone, -my data…:slight_smile: -for me the FPOpenOS is an important, -maybe underrated step to “FAIR”… -and it’s great that we have the choice!

Again: THANK YOU very much!!!

With best regards,

PS: Please don’t misunderstand: I think Google brought us a lot of positive/useful/cool stuff, but “slowly” I don’t like companies, who make money with our personal user data… :wink:
-Now I have my phone since a few month and it also has some of the known little bugs, but it never rebooted by itself or get stuck/freeze… it works absolutely reliable and smooth…
-Hope my “three-words-english” is understandable… :wink:


100% from me too!
I used a self-compiled Open OS some kind user gave to me, now I’m running the official FP Open OS. Yesterday I thought: Damn, my phone-manufacturer just provided me a custom rom without google services plus a custom recovery and (kind of) one-click-root. That’s more than fair. Fair would be, to just don’t lock us out, this is a big free extra, at least for me, so
Thank you


@Ahne @yataro79 I absolutely agree that the FP Open OS is a massive important element to the Fair Philosophy. I was on the fence about the Fairphone until the FP Open OS was announced and it was like:

Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced, Open Source, Google/Apple-Free Phone? That’s it… It was MADE for me!


I wanted to thank the software team for the latest release: In my opinion the latest software release (in my case FPOOS 16.05) was a really good release that solved almost all bugs I experienced and made the phone working fast, fluid, and generally just fine!

In this regard I wanted to say a big thanks also to the software team in particular for doing such a great job!
Keep up this great work.


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I am a recent owner of the Fairphone 2. It is absolutely on of the best electronic devices I have ever owned. Performance has been flawless in every aspect.

I myself am an electronic engineer, and I rarely buy consumer products first hand due to the huge problems in the supply chain, with short product lifetimes, planned obsolescence, unethical treatment of labour and environment. I’ve sworn never to buy from certain manufacturers again after seeing things that were deliberately designed never to be repaired.

Of course the proof will be in several years when thinking about repair, but if the company delivers on the promises made then they will really have done something special.

Thanks for the amazing device.