Thank you Fair Phone

So my 7 week old puppy stole my fp3 off of the coffee table and decided he liked the taste of it. When we found him he was licking it vigorously and had obviously been chewing it. . .
The screen had stopped taking input…still worked but didn’t register any finger movement. I pulled out my trusty Philips 00 screwdriver and dismantled the whole phone, laid it out open on some kitchen paper and left it for 4 hours, then reassembled the whole thing, rebooted and viola!!! a fully working fp3 . . . I do have to get a new screen saver though…

Anyone know when the new phone cases come out…will they be puppy proof?


Lucky you.
Let’s hope, your puppy did not get the taste of it. :wink: :grin:

The new cases will be - as I understand it - just some kind of rubber thing adjusted on top of the existing cover.
So I don’t guess it will be more puppy proof than the case itself.
And no protection for the screen.
Was there any dog saliva inside the phone? In that case, you might want to leave it drying some more time than just 4 hours. The #waterwiki could be an indicator for the neccessary treatment. :wink:


Better be careful that your puppy does not develop a taste for fairly sourced cobalt - I hear it’s pretty expensive!

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