TextSecure unable to receive push messages after Fairphone Update (workaround)

For all of you using the great SMS / IM App TextSecure: I had problems after every update of the Fairphone OS. So did my girlfriend who owns a FP as well.
The thing was, that after every update, I was unable to receive encrypted text messages, however still being able to send them. After a while I figured out, that re-registering with the server fixed the problem.
Still as I just didn’t received encrypted text messages anymore, it took me a while to figrue out, that my device was causing the error. It is probably caused by some gcm issue.

So my advice for all TextSecure users would be to re-register with the TextSecure servers after every update, just in case.


Excellent, thanks for the tip @madde, very useful

Very interesting and useful @madde! Just i small idea: If you changed the currently a bit generic subject to make it clear your already provide a workaround for a very special problem, your post might be easier to discover for people with the same or similar problem.

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@ben Didn’t thought of that. Here you go.

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Excellent work. I’ve locked this topic and wiki’d your original post. Thanks for the input and sharing it with us.