Text messages not working


My mum has given me her fairphone (she found it too complicated). I’ve transferred my contacts and Sim, and mostly its working including calls, apps, photos, whatsapp etc.

The text message function however isn’t working and shows up with the message ‘sending disabled’.

I’ve done a reset and a reboot, and have tried both text message apps as well as downloading and testing a different a new app. Ive searched through the forum and tried calling #*#*4636*#*# . None of those things worked. Any advice for me?

It’s *#*#4636#*#*:wink: .

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Hello. Yep that’s the one. Got through to the screen, refreshed and updated, but still no change …

Aha! It worked that time! I hope it holds!

Mmm well almost. Now its sending texts (intermittently) but not receiving them…

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