Text messages being sent via my fairphone but replys going to my old iphone which has no SIM card!

Hi I don’t know if anyone can help but I have had a fairphone for a few months. After a few teething problems I got it working. However there seems to be a problem with my text messages. When I send text messages to some people they receive the text but when the reply comes back it doesn’t go to my fairphone instead it goes to my old iphone which doesn’t even have s SIM card in. I’m not sure why this is happening. It seems very strange. I note the two people I have notice this happneing with so far both have iphones. Could this be anything to do with it? Let me know if anyone knows what I can do. I can’t keep walking round with two phones!

There is a problem with sms if your previous phone was an iphone.
You can read here about it.

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There is no problem with SMS, it’s a problem with Apple users not knowing the difference between SMS and iMessage.

@Jerry, let us please keep a friendly and welcoming tone here. No Apple-(or-what-ever-)bashing is necessary and to say it straight: your reply contains very little information the could help here.

Hi @Ruth_Margaret_Stunel and welcome to the Fairphone Forum!
@Lidwien above directs you to the right answer. The problems lies in how Apples iMessage works, which is very convenient for users but sometimes creates frustration when you leave your iPhone behind. Your friends are using iMessage and because you used iMessage before with that SIM now in your Fairphone, SMS to you get automatically converted to iMessages on your friends iPhones and are delivered via Internet and Wifi to your iPhone. See the link @Lidwien shared to learn how to fix that.


It wasn’t intended as Apple bashing. It was actually a correction on the false statement that there is an issue with SMS when your previous phone was an iPhone, because there is no issue with SMS at all. Frankly, as harsh as it may sound, the problem is exactly as I stated it. There is a group of people who are not tech/phone/whatever-savvy enough to realize that iMessage and SMS are not the same thing.

Firstly, it still sounds as if you are blaming someone, which i consider irritating.
Secondly, it is not as simply as it sounds, in my experience, the iMessage Apps bundles SMS and iMessage and it is very convenient for users not to be forced to make a decision, instead there message simply gets delivered. The issue appears if you stop using iMessage and somehow your friends apps do not get “updated”. Then iMessage continues sending “iMessages” instead of normal SMS. To notice that, you would have to know your friends are no longer using iMessage.

It is fair to criticize Apples iMessage system for that, and this is done even on major tech sites. However, to me your statement sound unnecessarily harsh. And i think Fairphone Forums should be welcoming and not blame anybody for not being tech savvy.



Apple has launched a homepage to derigister iMessage.