Text message spoiled by @

Dear Fairphone,

Yesterday for the first time, a friend of mine using a Blackberry replied to my text message saying that she received weired text, showing like that : h@e@l@l@o@ @h@o@w@ @a@r@e@ @y@o@u@ ?

Since then, all the message I send her look the same. Yet, it seems it happens only with her… Any idea?
ps: btw, the phoe is awesome 8-{D

That’s a problem which was flagged various times here already :frowning:
If I understand correctly, this may come from the stock Android app for SMS using ‘too ambitious’ character sets.
The only way I found to counteract this is to use an alternate SMS app, the free/open source ‘SMSdroid’, available on F-Droid among others (no GApps needed). SMSDroid uses more trivial character sets and the blackberries get them straight.
I didn’t manage to eliminate the stock sms app (when I try to ‘freeze’ it, SMSdroid doesn’t receive SMS anymore), so the solution is clunky… but at least it works…
FWIW, other than SMSdroid some have propose alternate apps, but I understand all of these oblige you to register to some private relaying companies, which I won’t accept personally.


Thanks Hervé!
I think I ll just motivate my blackberry-owner friend to switch to fairphone :wink:

Yeah I’ve got the same problem. 3 of my friends told me that they get strange characters when I text them… I’m gonna try with SMS droid then.