Taking out the miniSD card

Good evening everyone,

For experiment purposes, I would like to take out the miniSD card of the FP2.
Now, I have succeeded in taking apart all modules, screen, etc…
But the miniSD card is still protected by material, which seems to be impossible to get through.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to get out the miniSD card, and perhaps put it into a miniSD card reader? Or replace the whole miniSD by another one?

If yes, could you please show me how? It would be greatly appreciated.

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What do you mean with miniSD card?

The Fairphone 2 supports an optional microSD card, which should be easily removable from its slot.

And it has “32 GB eMMC NAND Flash” memory (see iFixit Fairphone 2 Teardown, Step 12).

Or anything else?


The SD card has its own slot, see

An image of where the card slots sits can be found in the user guide.

Removal might be a bit tricky, see below.

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There is no spring-out mechanism in the FP2 microSD card slot. I have always found a slim pair of tweezers (a pincette) very helpful with getting the SD card out of its slot in the FP2. it’s indeed a bit of a challenge without any tool.


Evolution gave humans fingernails … and humans gave microSD cards a respectively curved small edge to hook into.
But ok, without fingernails there might indeed be a challenge :slight_smile: .


It should be possible to remove the SD card from the holder, unless you have “Wurstfinger” (German expression for big, thick fingers).

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On the iFixIT page you find a teardown of the FP2.

Maybe you could clarify what you are really meaning by pointing at/referencing one of the pictures there, since I suspect it’s not the micro SD card.
Do you, by any chance, mean the part, that has an orange frame on step 12? Although it’s got the form of a SD-card, it’s said to be WiFi and Bluetooth.

Qualcomm WCN3680B Wi-Fi 802.11ac Bluetooth Combo (Based on information from the Fairphone team!)

Step 12

The slot of the micro SD-card would be to the right of the red frame.
The card is inserted/removed from above (“North” in this picture).
And when you have taken apart your FP2 to the core, this should be easyly accessible.


Thanks a lot for all the information guys!
Apparently I confused the CPU with the SD card slot.