Takes 30 minutes or more to get network

My phone takes 30 minutes or more to get network connection after I restart or change the battery.

If I leave the phone standing for about an hour, everything works fine. This is not just an internet problem (5G/4G etc), it’s the entire network (phone calls, SMS, etc do not work either)

I have reseted network settings including APN. The problem is still the same

If I try to select the network operator manually, it does not work either.

How can I troubleshoot this?


Do I understand you correctly that your problem is exclusively with the mobile network connection, not with WiFi?
Some things that come to mind:

  • how good is the connection quality once the network is actually connected, i.e. how many bars?
  • does this happen everywhere or only in a particular place like at home?
  • any other mobile devices that have issues with this in the same location?
  • does the phone actually show a missing mobile connection or does it “just not work”?
  • did you try limiting network preferences to something lower than 5G to see if that changes anything?
  • are network operators shown relatively quickly after you select the manual option or do you also have to wait for a long time for them to show up?
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How old is your SIM card? Perhaps you have get a new one.

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Thank you very much all!

  • My sim card is 5 years old, but it works fine in a different phone (a Nokia X20)
  • It happens everywhere, even in other countries
  • Other devices work fine, even with the same SIM
  • I tried to lower the 5G, but it has no effect, because it does not connect at all (SMS, calls, etc)
  • Now Network operators show up quickly, I have had times where it takes quite some time.
  • At the moment, where I am standing is -114 dBm. With the same SIM card in the same space, a Nokia X20 has -113 dBm 26 asu and it catches network immediately

Thank you very much for your help!!

The fact that your SIM card works fine in another phone unfortunately doesn’t mean anything.
Fairphone is quite sensitive where the SIM card is concerned.
So I would advise you to renew a SIM card that is 5 years old.

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Thank you for your answer @Lidwien !

I changed to an e-sim, and I am having the same problem as before :frowning:
Is there any way to figure out what is the phone trying to do when connecting to the network? Aren’t there any more detail logs?


You might try to check logs via adb on an USB connected computer or try out “MatLog Libre” (can be installed via F-Droid) on the device itself.


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