[TAKEN] New FP2 slim case coral red

I mistakenly ordered an FP2 case for my FP 3, and if you need a new red case I will mail it to you free in Europe.


Nice offer, but isn’t there also the option for return within 2 weeks?


I was a bit too late for two weeks and got this response from FP support: “For us and the environment, it is better that you keep the case, because of shipping costs and CO2 emissions. If you want you can try to see if you can make another Fairphone user happy with your spare parts via the forum.”
So that is what I’m doing :). I have already been refunded by FP.


Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

Maybe instead of shipping it again you could see if there is a fairphone community close to you for a personal meetup and pass-over.

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hey hi!
i in deed just need a new case and would be so thankful to get yours :slight_smile:

Forum members can use the PM - Private Message facility to contact you, so not the best idea to post your email address upon open forum.

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I have checked, and there is no FP community anywhere near here.

Sorry Johanna, but it has now been given away.