[TAKEN] Fairphone 2 coral red, working but slow

I’m giving away my old FP2. It does still work, but is rather slow and crashes sometimes. I have been using it until now when a friend gave me her old phone, so its still working fine most of the time with No visible dameges

The phone and the coral red cover is from october 2017, i haven’t changed any parts since I got it.

I Will ship from Stockholm, Sweden (or pick up if you live nearby).

Hi @Johanna_Sallqvist, I’m interested on this phone to replace some modules on my FP2, I’m from Spain.

Hi Johanna,

Im interested in this, in in the UK and just expecting my first FairPhone - a FairPhone 3, id like to have a FairPhone 2 to learn more about it and have it as a back up.

I understand if there is someone more in need of it than me though.

Let me know.


Hi there! Unfortunatly I sold it to someone else replying before you, hope you find an other one :slight_smile: