Take apart modules themselves

Hi all, obviously we can take apart the phone into its modules, but I am wondering whether anyone has ever tried/knows if it is possible to disassemble the modules themselves? I have replaced my bottom module in the past because the charger connector was broken, and now the microphone has broken and I think it’s a waste to buy a whole new bottom module when there is a perfectly functioning microphone in my old bottom module… So does anyone know how to open up the bottom module itself and replace just the microphone? Thanks!


You need a torx screwdriver, soldering equipment and some skills.
I have opened up a broken bottom module before, but it’s hard to do so without breaking the plastic clips. Once opened it’s easy to take out the microphone and loud speaker, but those parts almost never break.
The two parts that often break are the USB port and the microphone and they are both soldered on the board side by side.
You might be interested in one of these:

The teardown on ifixit could be helpful.


Maybe this DIY-thread can be an inspiration as well:


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