Take a long screenshot

take a long screenshot
In fairphone5
Let’s imagine a web page where to read it all I have to give at least 4 scrolls. is there a system to be able to take a screenshot of the whole page or do I have to take 4 screenshots and then somehow bring them together? Thanks in advance

You can take a screenshot using power and Vol-Down buttons and than

use “more”


Mir ist klar dass ihr oben vom FP5 mit Android 13 redet, aber angäblich wurde das feature ja mit Android 12 eingeführt. Bei meinem FP4 mit Android 12 basiertem FPOS (FP4.SP2K.B.089.20230807) fehlt der button aber. Sollte der da sein oder ist das bei euch auch so:

Ich habe das eben selbst auch auf einem FP4 mit aktuellem Fairphone OS (Android 12) ausprobiert und es war genauso wie auf deinem FP4. Das Stiftsymbol eröffnet verschiedenste Modifikationsmöglichkeiten, aber nicht den “langen” Screenshot.

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I try native method first now:

  • in 3rd “OH Web Browser” is wrong rendered page i tested (but google search rendered ok), only half part of web is visible, and right side is empty)
  • in stock Chrome page is screenshot rendered ok
  • both screenshots is in 3rd Aves app opened as be normal/single screen size, in stock Photos is opened ok as long

so if you not use only stock app, maybe better solution:
use Vivaldi Android browser, have native whole page screenshot, and opening in Aves Gallery is too ok :wink:

Der Bildschirminhalt ist unter Android kein öffentliches Gut ;o) Die jeweilige App bestimmt ob und wie andere user-Prozesse da drankommen. Das gilt auch für den Browser. :person_raising_hand:


It depends on the browser you use (forgot about this, however mentioned in the corresponding FP4 topics)

This is taken with the FP4 and Ecosia Browser

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thanks for the replies. i use firefox (stable or beta).
Until a few days ago I used to use an oneplus6 which had a very convenient feature where if you took a screenshot then a prompt would appear to take the extended screenshot and you only had to scroll to the bottom of the page to get it. I was about that looking to see if I could have something similar here.
I know that with other browsers I could solve the problem but if possible I would prefer to stay on firefox

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I assume you used a browser other than Firefox on your oneplus6 then.

Firefox (sadly) doesn’t support this at the moment. You can vote for the feature at Mozilla. The more votes, the more likely it will come.

edit: Funny enough, I got interested in this topic again and started playing around with this some more. Since I didn’t find any implementation hints, I suspected it to work out of the box on Android 12 in scrollable views. And trying out some more, it really seems like it is supported in general. The scrolling screenshot feature gets offered in the Firefox settings for example. You can use it in the Add-ons list. It’s just not available in the web-view. Most likely, Firefox is using an older version or its own implementation there. I will add this to the feature request.

edit2: This could also mean that some manufacturers could offer this feature for Firefox and other apps by recognizing and supporting not just the default scroll views like it seems to be the case with Android 12.


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