Take a incoming call

I can’t take an incoming call. I see a red and a bleu phone, but it doesn’t matter wich icon i try to slide or tip, the phone doesn’t take the call. What am I doing wrong!

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I’m guessing you have an FP2 so I moved the topic to #fairphone2help.

Does the lower part of the touchscreen work otherwise?

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Yes, the rest works fine. It’s just that I don’t know how to take the call. I’m seeing to icons, one red and one green. Which one do I have to touch or swipe…

You should just have to tap the green button.

If you are speaking about the look screen with “swipe away” enablede I would correct:
you have to SLIDE the white symbol in the middle to the RIGHT to take the call, until it snaps-in the green symbol and only then release it THERE!
Same for the RED symbol at the LEFT to decline the call.

@Marcel_Spanjer: You make it like that?

Okay I will try that next time!