System update: weird behaviour


My FP4 wants to update to Software FP40.A.0142, Security patch level: 5th of June 2022. Yet it tells me, that it cannot download due to too little space (needs 529 MB). But I have several GB unused space.

Strange thing: When I check Build number of the currently installed System it tells me FP4.FP40.A.142.20220628. This is actually an newer build than the one it wants to install…

Any idea how solve that issue?

Thank you

The build FP4.FP40.A.142.20220628 contains the security patches up to 2022-06-05, so at least the version isn’t any older. You can double-check by looking at Settings -> About phone -> Build number.

Why the system is showing you the same update again, I have no idea and haven’t found the app you would have to reset to trigger the check again.

Are you using 2 SIM cards from different providers?
Maybe the update finally got released for one of the providers and that somehow triggers the update mechanism again :thinking:

Oh and welcome to the community btw :wave:

Are you using an SD card? If yes, formatted as internal or portable?

Thank you for the Welcome and your response !!
nope currently I’m using just one (physical) SIM.

Hi Volker

Thanks for helping out. (Un)fortunately(?) nope no SD card…

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The message appears roughly every other day… It can easily be “swiped” away. Not that annoying but but still somewhat tiresome.

The more important question is: What happens when there is a “real” update. Does the warning about too little space go away? Do I need a factory reset (please no)?

So if there is a solution to the problem now I can probably avoid some in the future…

Again, thank you everyone for engaging!

Mayby try to clear cache and storage of the updater? See if you find it under settings-apps-all apps-three dots-display system apps.

Just today a new update was published


So which phone do you have the 128 or 256 RAM ?

Clearly you have used maybe a lot of memory. You can try adding an SD card formatted as Portable and move some|all you media (music, photos and videos) to the SD card. This will free up some space and hopefully the warning will not appear.

Loading it right now. No warning. Is installing.


I do have the 128MB model. Yet this cannot be the issue as no Model could do an update of 529MB if this was true.

Regardin space: I’m just telling you what my phone shows me - and this is lots of free space. Moreover I am carefull with regularly deleting app caches and pics/vids I have sent to my cloud. In addition I only stream music and videos from my server - no download…

Went all smoothly. Lets see if the message pops up again after this update.


annoying… the message by now appears multiple times a day. Sometimes it even pops up again a minute after I swiped the message away. really annoying by now.

If I check for updates manually it tells me that the system is up to date… (which I can confirm by checking the installed Version)

Any Ideas?
Is it possible to disable update notifications (I dont care if I have to do those manually once every month)?

By the way that a 128GB memory not 128MB even the RAM is 6GB so 0.5GB is fine either way :slight_smile:

Even if that’s possible I think it’s best to correct the problem at source. You may be seeing just a side effect of something potentially more problematical.
Make sure you have up-to-date back-ups of everything important.

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