System reboots after using volume buttons during call


i’ve had the problem before: when I use the volume buttons during a call, the call ends and the system immidiatly reboots. I thought this bug was fixed after the latest update, but now it’s back. When using the volume buttons while listening to musik or watching a video, however, there is no problem, they work just fine.

Does anyone know what to do about it?

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YES! Me too yesterday for the first time!
During a call I tried to set volume higher and immediately the call ended, the screen froze and a reboot occurred.

Hello, I have had the same problem for quite some time. Would be great to know if there is a solution. Anyone?

For me not yet, as the problem appeared only the time I wrote my post last December, sorry!

Hey there, the problem disappeared for a while but is now back. I don’t know why, sorry…

Hi everyone,

I am having this problem as of last week. It’s reproducible, I think, and I will try to do some testing tomorrow.

Did someone affected contact support about this? I would like to find a solution, but I’m equally interested in the reason for this bug.

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Follow-up: while I could reproduce this during the week, on friday, I could not. @Stefan suggested on twitter I could change my GravityBox setting under Phone tweaks > Flip action while ringing. I changed it from “do nothing” to “mute caller”.

This might cave caused the problem to go away, but it’s equally possible that the two or three manual reboots I did in between helped. I don’t know, and would be happy if someone came back and told his/her story.

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Follow-up to follow-up: soft reboots happen, sadly unreproducibly, every now and then. Some callers seem really to trigger this; I’ve had an old landlady calling several times who now remembers me by “oh, the hang-up guy”. Which is really embarrassing.

Also, I noticed that the near-field sensor seems to be off of lately. Maybe I have to open up the device and clean it?


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