Syncthing error

Hi all,
anybody familiar with the app Syncthing?
When I try to choose a folder on my FP2 (OpenOS) to get synchronized by syncthing with my laptop I got an error message:

Saving .stignore: open /storage/3C8F-1741/Images/.syncthing.tmp.667538938: permission denied”

Does anybody know how I can deal with that?

I have Syncthing running with its folders on internal SD card and it works fine. I remember that there was something in the docs or bug reports about not being able to use an external SD card. But maybe I’m wrong.

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For me, it’s not possible to synchronize folders located on the SD card. But as for @Phairfone it also works for me to synchronize folders located somewhere in /storage/emulated/0 (which is the internal storage).
Looking around, there have been at least two discussions on github about syncing sd card folders (this one from 2015 and this even older one)

If I get this right, you specifically want to sync your laptop’s files onto the fairphone. Then the workaround proposed on the github page won’t work (i.e. manually creating .stfolder and .stignore within the synchronized folder). Currently, I’ve got no working solution for you but to not synchronize SD card folders…

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Thanks @Dabuh and @Phairfone!
Ok, I moved these specific SD-Card-folders to the internal storage and will try my best to get two laptop-folders synchronized with them.
Hope I won’t need further help :expressionless:

You can’t use folders on external SDs with Syncthing exept for those in the Syncthing folder in data

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