Synchronize google account to native FairPhone calendar without Google Play

I am unable to synchronize my google-caledar to the FairPhone-calendar after the latest update Kola Nut 1.8. I chose not to reinstall Google Play any more. I then was able to synchronize google-mail, but I was unable to synchronize google-calendar.

Please help, since I love my FairPhone without Google Play and was addicted to the native calender-app and would love to use it again!

I suggest to download DAVdroid from F-Droid and then use the instructions for Mozilla Sunbird.

Going to the instructions for Android wouldn’t help because Google wants you to install their app…

Thank you for a quick reply!

Although I am a litte slow, I managed to synchronize my calendar, thanks a lot!!! You made my day!!!

Firtst I had to install the app-store F-droid so I could download DAVdroid (it took me a while te figure out what all the hyperlinks were refering to).

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Yes, F-Droid makes it a lot easier for those of us, who want to go without Google Services. :slight_smile:

Also I recommend this topic:

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