Synchronising with Outlook

One of the major flaws I encountered setting up my first Android phone, was the fact that it automatically synchronised with data that Google apparently had from me. I loath that: I want to be my own boss and I want to decide what/who is in my contacts and agenda.

Well after dozens of hours searching, trying, asking, and trying again, I finally found the answer: “MyPhoneExplorer” does a perfect job. It takes some time to set it up to your wishes, but then
you have something: contacts, calendar, you name it: sync it with Outlook (one way or two ways, just as you want).
And even the status of the phone (battery, memory, provider etc) show.

When starting with Android, and hence using a Google account, the machine keeps telling me that I’m in control. Well, you aren’t if you follow Google’s suggestions. But now I am again! With a free app + PC software. Good to see that at last I can use my phone the way I want it.
A big thanks to this app maker!

Mmh, it can be synchronized with other than Outlook (such as thunderbird).

Will look into it.

But you talk about the google stuff. Does the setup allow you to remove all that clutter from Google?

Well, actually you don’t really need to remove any Google stuff at all.
It is important not to set (or to de-activate) any synchronising with/via a Google account.
So I do have my Gmail accounts, on one of them my FP is registered, but I don’t use any synchronising.

On synchronising the MyPhoneExplore gives a perfect overview of all the differences between phone and PC and allows per item (or all at once) to choose what to accept. Perfect!

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Maybe it works via the app flock. At least flock offers me to synchronise with both outlook and google .


I thought you could deactivate sync of contacts etc by going into Settings > Googlemail Account, clicking on the sync option and then deactivating the individual sync options.

As for syncing with Outlook, I’m setup to do this and all works ok - although I’m on a corporate outlook exchange server so maybe this is different…

Wel, that’s what I said: de-activate the Google sync-settings.
And indeed: when using an exchange server there is no problem at all. But how many households have that?

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Seems to work well with Thunderbird: it syncced TB’s events well on the phone. That’s cool. :slight_smile:

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MyPhoneExplorer is just great. I’ve been using it for years synching Calendar and Contacts cloudless. Another great feature is the wireless data transfer. If you just want to move a few songs from your PC to the phone without searching for an USB cable, MyPhoneExplorer does the job. And it saves your text messages and can also save your phone’s photos on your PC. Very good Freeware!

MPE on my PC works for syncing with the FP but I do no thave the option to select inMPE syncing with Outlook; it simply does not appear as an choice; Google mail appears as a choice. Any clue what the issue is?

You checked in File --> Options --> Synchronise?
There I have the option to select Outlook… And then you can set in ‘Advanced’ how the sync should be carried out.

MPE works with outlook very well if you have installed the normal application. If you installed MPE portable (because you have no administrator permissions) it only offers Google for exchange. But you can change this with a workaround. It’s described here:
In my case it worked fine.

Cheers and good luck!

Sorry cannot install ResHack,
possibly blocked by anti-malware/firewall. Moreover do not find MPE in control
panel/software in order to have it uninstalled and MPE for Windows (instead
portable) installed. Finally my attempt to simply install MPE for Windows on
top of MPE portable failed as well. Any help?


Hello vomoe99,
if you have the rights to install the MPE for Windows, you should do that. It’s much easier than installing reshack and manipulating the portable version. Search your computer for “myphoneexplorer”. You will find the normal version in “Programs(x86)”, directory “myphoneexplorer”, the portable version can be elsewhere on your computer, You have to search for it. Delete all previous installations and install the windows version. Then it should work with outlook.
Good luck again!!!

Does anyone have a problem with MyPhoneExplorer duplicating contacts please? My version keeps adding extras in both my Fairphone and Outlook on my laptop. Does anyone know how to get MyPhone Explorer to delete duplicates? Thanks, Alexis

No double entry issues here.
Are you sure MyPhoneExplorer is the only one synching contacts? So not Google doing the same?