Swype + dragon: after phone restart default keyboard instead of swype

Hey Fairphoners,

does anybody have a solution for this problem:

I have installed the swype + dragon app and I love using it. However,
every time I turn off my Fairphone and restart it, the swype keyboard
(although set as default) has disappeared. Instead, the default google
keyboard has returned.

Try moving it to another storage (phone storage <-> internal storage)

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Hi @chrislauter

As @Marvin_Horter has suggested, try moving it to the internal storage partition. For it to remain the default keyboard it needs to be on the internal storage partition.

If space is an issue, there is due to be an update to the way that the partitions work very soon so you shouldn’t have to wait long to fix this permenantly.

Let us know how you get on though.

Hey Marvin & Chris_R,
thanks for the tip. It worked!

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Excellent news. As this was the fix, I’ll close this topic and wiki the fix. New replies are no longer allowed.